Sean Kilcoyne

Sean KilcoyneSean grew up in a small New England town but jumped for the sunshine as soon as he could. He has been making dreams come true ever since. At the age of 18, he found himself in the panhandle of Florida working on dive and snorkel boats. He was hooked!

Shortly after becoming a SCUBA Instructor and a boat captain, Sean decided to see what else was out there. So he jumped on a sailboat and headed south once again. Sean sailed around Florida, through the Bahamas and Turks and Caicos and eventually on into the Caribbean. This wasn’t going to last forever so he decided to head back to the “real world”. He made it as far as Key West, Florida. He was able to call this home for some time. He continued to make a living here as a boat captain and SCUBA diving instructor.

In 2009, he came down with Caribbean fever. To cure his ailment, he moved to St Thomas. This time for good. Since 2009, Sean has been operating boats and running tours in the Virgin Islands. Sean is a well-respected captain here in the Virgin Islands and we are happy to have him as part of our team. He truly enjoys what he does every day, which is to give his guests a tour of what has become his backyard.