What To Do?

This is Your Day, Your Way

Let AVIA Charters be the gateway to your perfect paradise. Whether exploring the U.S Virgin Islands or venturing international to the British Virgin Islands, opportunities are abounding. There are over 100 islands, islets, cays, caves and grottoes in which to explore. World class snorkeling, tranquil swimming holes, and white sand and palm tree rimmed beaches are plentiful. Hiking, swimming, sunbathing, drinking, dancing, eating or swinging in a hammock. Whatever it is that you want to do, just tell your captain and he will make it happen. If you are uncertain of the best way to spend your day, He has the experience to point you in the right direction.

Snorkeling and Swimming

Some of the sights to see in the clear blue waters of the Caribbean

Some of the sights to see in the clear blue waters of the Caribbean

Coral reefs, often referred to as the rain forests of the sea, are a living organism and make up the largest and most diverse ecosystems in the world. The Caribbean sea boasts over 1000 species of fish and over 100 species of hard and soft coral. whether expert or novice, come explore the underwater world of the virgin Islands. The crystal clear Caribbean sea has something for everyone to enjoy. You can take the plunge in beautiful bays teaming with schools of tropical fish, swim with the sea turtles and discover natures wonders of the world.

Beach Hopping

Honeymoon Beach

Honeymoon Beach in St John

The white sand beaches of the virgin islands are world famous for their inherent beauty. AVIA charters can take you to anyone of them. Our captain is often asked which one is the best. His answer... depends on the vibe you are looking for. Some are known for their party atmosphere and others through pop culture. There are some just big enough to fit two butts on and some are over a mile long. Some of the beaches are always populated while others are virtually undiscovered. One thing they all have in common, they make for a perfect day! And it just so happens that there are enough to go around for everyone.


There are many hiking options in the virgin islands. Some of the hikes are accessible by land but many are more easily accessed by boat. Besides, what better way to start and end your hike than in the Caribbean Sea?  While checking out any of these hikes, keep your eyes out for mongoose, deer, green parrots, virgin island tree boas and much, much more. Straight from snorkeling, hike up to the The ruins of Annaberg Sugar Mills. Now protected and maintained by the St John National Park, Annaberg is of the oldest and largest sugar plantations that once thrived in the virgin islands. You can also check out the reef bay trail that starts off with the last working sugar mill in St John. Then hike your way up to the petroglyphs. These rock carvings are thought to be the work of the pre-Columbian Tiano people possibly dating back 3000 years!

Dining and Drinking

Strawberry daiquiris at the Gecko Gazebo on St. John

Strawberry daiquiris at the Gecko Gazebo on St. John

There are numerous options for having lunch or enjoying a quiet afternoon cocktail. These range from vibrant beach bars and  rustic tiki bars to beachside eateries and upscale cafes. Just tell your captain what you're in the mood for and he will give some suggestions. Have a nice sit down dinner at Cooper Island beach club or Pirates Bight. Indulge on some lobster at Sydney's peace and love or grab some conch fritters and a painkiller at Soggy Dollar Bar. These are just to name a few.